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Sears Employee / Associates Benefits and Perks

Sears the top retail organization in America holds around 1000 outlet with more than 100,000 employees working for them. The company not only focuses on providing a quality service to the costumer but even considers the chance to provide good facility to its employees. In order to provide the best costumer facility, it is required to consider the best will of the employees by providing the needful benefits which in turn will help to achieve the goal of the company in customer service. which is a web portal created by sears to reach its employees easily. 88sears provides the complete information regarding all the facility company provides to its employees. Newcomers and the employees unaware of the benefits provided can access this portal via the Employer ID(Username) and password is given by the administrator.

Sears Employee / Associates Benefits and Perks

Benefit Schemes provided by Sears Group of Organization

  • Retirement Benefits
  • Pension Plan Information and Notices
  • Savings Plan Information and Notices
  • Associate Stock Purchase Plan and Restricted Stock

How to access the Online benefits for Association

An employee can go through the list of benefits available either by login through the personal account or directly through portal.

  1. To log in to the individual account 88Sears Associate Login

Enter the Username (Employee ID) and Password provided by the HR administrator.

For the Former Employees, a separate link is displayed beneath the page to login to the Associate benefit services.

An employee should have registered on hand to access this portal if not there is an Are you a new user option displayed to register to the portal.

To complete the registration process it is required to enter the social security number and date of birth.

Once the employee has registered to the portal the access to the benefits scheme is provided.

2. Accessing the Benefit scheme directly via

It doesn’t require the employee to register for the portal, it allows the direct access to the web page.

One can check the list of benefit schemes and go through the detail description regarding the policies.

  • Click here to access the Benefits contacts, which provides the mail id and contact number for all the services provided, so in case the employee is facing any problem can directly get in contact with the authorized people.
  • Access to the benefits scheme through login provides the employee chance to change the coverage plan easily, which is not possible if the employee access directly via